69/365 Red Over Green, Green over Red

We had a idle Saturday, did a bit of shopping for grocieres. Brought fish today.

Most important event of the day was my first attempt to make red wine. I wished to document the process but my hand was so messed up with grape crush that I feared of sabotaging the lens. Will post a shot if the grape juice comes out as wine. I am trying to follow a different approach (Will explain the method if proved successfull ;) )

Also tried Kuttanadan fish curry, that came out well… So overall it was a good day with lot of experiments (not much in photography so far). Evening we have a procession from the near by church, hope I will get some shots there. 24mm would have been ideal but my 24mm is kit lens which is a bit slow for the procession that happens at night. So planning to go with my 35mm F2.8 instead. 

So for today its a bit of red over green but again a green over red which perfectly complements my culinary experiments which was Red wine , red fish curry which has green curry leaves added.

Lens: Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera: NEX-3, ISO-800, F/5.6, 1/40, raw


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