92/365 Bye Bye 2012

Its the last post in 2012, the year in photographic journy ends here. 

2012 was a wonderful year as far as my photo hobby is considered, the biggest turning point being my decision to start the 365 project. It has help me improving a lot and has make me think before taking a snap.

I also did my first proffessional photographic work in 2012 (of course no fee ;) )

Read a lot of books (non photographic) during 2012, in fact its one year I have read most non academic books. Got in touch with lot of my friends in my college days through facebook.

For me the painful memory of 2012 is lost of my Friend Kunjeria Mathew…

Time has to move on so is the calendar days.. 

Hope 2013 will be more peaceful and people being more considerate and thoughtful with there thinking and action

Wish you all a wonderfull new year…..

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