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The Car 31/365

The car, nothing but simply the car ;)


The Red Bus 30/365

This is a perpective of a different kind. This is not ust perspective of vision but the perspective of how we conceive a vision.

For me this is another red toy bus, but for my son this is THE red bus.

Its a wonder the way in which our perspective changes along ...

Up Right 29/365

Thought of making perspectives the theme for the week. It was a rainy day today and evening it was raining like any thing wondered whether the Hurricane sandy hit India or US.

Rain settled by 7 PM but the roads were almost like flooded, I wonder what will happen if ...

Silence Of The Night 28/365

Street at night..

Shot at an empty street at a private ground. My initial idea was to get a bokeh out of the distant lights. But it didn’t worked too well, so got this instead.

Lens: Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-800, F3.6, 1/15, handheld ...

Fountain Of Light 27/365

Yesterday we went to Mysore to see the palace lights during the dasshera season, it would have been a wonderful sight. Unfortunately we went a bit late. The lights were switched off at 7 PM and we arrived at 7:15PM. So missed the shot, but on the way we ...

On The Streets 26/365

My first attempts at street photography on the busy streets of Commercial street. This shot was taken by setting the focus by reading the focal distance on the lens, with out looking thru the viewfinder. The shot was taken at waist height, the camera was casually hung accros my shoulder

Lens ...

Bangles 25/365

Am at Bangalore and at one of the busiest street, the commercial street. There are lot of way side shops specialised on colorful bangles. Here is one shot. I will post more street photographs in future in my 500px link, will update this blog once I am back home. This ...

Plane Of Focus 24/365

I will be travelling today to Bangalore and will be having little time to prepare after coming back from work. So thought of having an early post.

Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm F1.4 has a very shallow DoF when wide open. The effects looks good when we need a selective focus ...

Junior N Bokeh 23/365

Tried a portait with bokeh in the background, junior was just up from bed and hence not very energetic.

Lens : Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7

Camera: NEX-3, ISO-200, F/1.7, 1/200, raw


Bokeh 22/365

A new week and a new theme is required and I will be mostly on travel(I will be at Bangalore 24-OCt to 27-Oct).

Not sure whether I can commit on theme so thought of choosing abstract as a theme, free licence for posting any junk I capture ;)

Starting off with ...

Sepia 21/365

Was not able to post yesterday, was at my home an no intenet connection. The GPRS connection on my phone is too slow and costly to make the upload and hence the post…

But I do take a shot yesterday and did a bit of post processing and split toning to ...

The Guiding Light 20/365

This time its light of a different kind.

I was on route to my native and hadn’t shot a picture for the day. The reflectors along the MC road seemed very interesting.

These reflectors are very helpful to identify a curve well ahead and are a beautiful sight in the night.

The shot ...

The Torch 19/365

The Torch that decorates our dining room.This is shot with my Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7 lens, the first ever shot from the oldie.. and its wonderfully sharp at f1.7

NEX-3 , ISO 400, f/1.7, 1/320

Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7


Purple Glow 18/365

The purple bed lamp that decorates our home.

It provides a very delicate soft light and a beautiful hue..

 NEX-3, ISO-400, F/8, 1/80, SEL 1855


Mr Light 17/365

He might not be glamourous but he is the most useful one in our country with powercuts becomming more and more frequent.

He is the saviour he brings us light to darkness of our life….

He is Mr Light !!!!!!


Blue Beauty 16/365

Blue beauty hanging at SP Grand Days, Trivandrum.

NEX-3, ISO-200, F/6.3, 1/20


Golden Light 15/365

This week’s theme will be lights and shades.

Begining with a golden shade


Greenish Yellow 14/365

Yet another euphorbia millis, this one is a greenish yellow in color.

So that brings to the end of this weeks theme, the flowers. I may take up the same theme in one of coming weeks.

Let me summarise this week.

One thing i learned is that it is always good use manual ...

Yet Another Euphorbia Milli 13/365

Another euphorbia milli from our garden. We have around 6 type of euphorbia milli in our garden.

This one is also pink in color but a little smaller and hence a bit challenging to capture. Also I was in a haste to get to my office, so did a quick shot ...

Euphorbia Milli 12/365

Euphorbia milli the cute little plant which is easy to grow and maintain.

She will sustain in any adverse conditions and requires less watering. The flowers have beautiful bright colors.

More info on Euphorbia Milli


The Core 11/365

The macro shot of the dhalia flower.

It was shot using SEL1855 kit lens. I should have used manual focus on such short distance. The auto focus was confused because of the short distance to focus, since I didn’t had tripod handy I was hesistant to use higher F number.

I had ...

Orchids - 10/365

This is the first ever flower that bloomed in this orchid plant. She bloomed after more than 2 years of care.

The flower is so beautiful and worth the wait.


And She Bloomed 9/365

The Rosa yesterday bloomed to glory


Rosa - The Queen Of Flowers 8/365

Starting the week with new theme “Flowers” one of my favourite subjects.

This rose is from our home garden and is about to bloom…


The Guitarist 7/365

Junior with his guitar…

This is the last shot of this weeks theme. Next week theme will be flowers


My Style 6/365

Shot during Powercut, which has become regular with declared timings :) Now we know when to switch on the emergency lights.

Couple of words about the Pic. No flash was used, the light source is the Mr Light Emergency. It provides wonderful lighting with diffused shadows, so an amazing cheap lighting equipment.

ISO ...

Under My Own Shades 5/365

Junior standing by his own picture. I liked the touch of shadow casted by the overhead light.

Junior loves swimming pools….

 ISO 400 f4 1/15 RAW


Twin Effect 4/365

Junior watching his reflection on the mirror.

The snaps I took him of today morning didn’t look good while viewed in the computer screen, the focus was not good. So we planned a quick shoot with the mirror idea. Junior co-operated and here is the result. The image looked more effective ...

Happy Birthday Appopa.. 3/365

Today was junior’s grandpa’s birthday. Junior called his grandpa early in the morning itself to wish him happy birthday.

With we living 100 kms away from our home at native junior might be missing his both Grandpas and grandmas.

NEX-3, ISO 400, f4.5, 1/60

as usual processed from RAW


Monday Blues 2/365

Its Monday and junior is having Monday blues..

He is also having small fever. Its holiday tomorrow might have to take him to hospital if the fever continues