Greenish Yellow 14/365

Yet another euphorbia millis, this one is a greenish yellow in color.

So that brings to the end of this weeks theme, the flowers. I may take up the same theme in one of coming weeks.

Let me summarise this week.

One thing i learned is that it is always good use manual focus while taking snaps of Flowers. Here nex helps you a lot becuase of its focus peaking feature and magnification feature. In most of the shots I used aperture f/8, which was ideal for the DoF i had in ming. In close range the f/8 on the NEX’s APS-C sensor brought in the whole flower to the focus and blurred the background nicely Being said this I was not satisfied with the JPEG out of the camera, all the pictures i posted were processed from RAW and the RAW from NEX is great.

Today I went outdoor to shoot, but, without taking my memory card, which was still in this laptop after the last night’s data transfer, so some what a bad day. But enjoyed the buffet lunch at Windsor Rajadani, Kawadiar, TVM, Kerala ,India.

Also yesterday I missed a minolta rokkor 50mm F1.4 in the last minute in Ebay, another lucky guy outbidded me in the last minute, bad luck.

I have not yet decided on the next week’s theme, may be it is lamp shades and lights… :) 

Have a wonderfull weekend and enjoy…..


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