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Junior 1/365

Thought of starting the 365 project with Junior. His name is Neeraj, we call him Kithu. He will be my theme this week.

He woke up early at 7:30 AM ;) on a Sunday morning and started posing for me. This is my pick from the lot. Hope you too like this ...

The Golden beauties - 29-09-12

Poori, also known as Boori, is a common breakfast main dish in south india. Made from Wheat flour Poori is normally accompanied by mashed potatos in a nice spicy thich gravy commonly known as Masala.

This fried dish which is very tastly is one of the star item in South Indian ...

The Weight - 28-Sep-12

The steam coming out of the cooker was a beautiful sight today morning. Thought of making it the subject today. Didn’t very close fearing that the steam may introduce moisture inside the lens. The image is a cropped one.

NEX-3 at ISO 800. Full manual mode, F5.6, shutter speed 1 ...

Baking 27-Sep-12

Baking the banana cake for the first time. it was a wonderful experience with the beautiful smell of banana spreading through out.

Nex-3 at ISO 800 and WB set to Daylight. Full Manual mode at f4.0 and Shutter speed 1/13.

No flash used; the light was provided by the bulb ...

Tasty Dosa 26-Sep-12

Thought of continuing the theme as kitchen and cooking for the trial week.

Taken this snap while cooking the famous South Indian dish Dosa. This is a type of pancake made with a mixed batter of Black Gram and Rice.

For more info on Dosa visit


The Trial - 25-Sep-12

Thought of starting off the trial run today itself.

In Kerala the unannounced power cuts are frequent since monsoon this year was bad. Thought of giving out Black&White a try while we were cooking “Appam” in the pan.

The Light source is an emergency light. ISO 800. NEX-3 High contrast B&W mode ...

Foto Journal With Nex-3

Still doubtful whether I will start this project. I have been thinking about a 365+1 days photo journal project with my buddy, Sony Alpha NEX-3.

NEX-3 is the entry level mirrorless ILC from Sony and is one of the first in the NEX lineup (The other being  ...