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151/365 Bicycle...

Junior’s bicycle.

Raw file processed using capture1 express trial version, noise reduction by noiseware community edition and final touch with Gimp. 

The shot was at ISO1600.

Yet another one processed with cost free s/ws

150/365 Home Away From Home

Home away from home…..

Shot at ISO3200 the raw file was processed using RawTherapee and GIMP

149/365 Trying To Go Open Source

Hey I am trying to use open source tools. This image is fully processed using Raw Therapee and GIMP.

It seems a bit difficult to start up with. Hope I can stick to it.

148/365 Roll On ...

Roll on my savior during those mild headache.

It smells wonderful (for my taste), I always had weakness for menthol. I used to sniff Axe oil and it was like addiction…

147/365 A Sunny Sunday Morning

It was a sunny morning today..

Sunday mornings are always so…

146/365 From Dark To Light....

From Dark to Light…

145/365 Folklore...

Collection of folklore of Kerala.

These books are very interesting read and an attempt by DC books to preserve these folklores…

144/365 The Bottle...

It was a very busy day and hence it is just a bottle today

143/365 Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

142/365 Junior

Its the Junior today…

141/365 The Dark

I am having a slight attack of flu for the last couple of days, its now strengthening its grip.

I might have to start taking medicine, so the shot today reflect my mood which is a bit dark..

140/365 Evening....

Yet another view of sun set, this one is processed from raw.

For NEX-3 raw is better than in camera HDR. As a matter of fact for NEX-3 the raw file is wonderful, the dynamic range it captures is amazing…

139/365 Sunset

We went to madavoorpara today, its a beautiful place at Trivandrum, kerala. Ideal to spent an evening. Its a big rock which you can either climb or can reach by road on the other side.

Here is a beautiful sunset view. This was shot with NEX-3’s in camera HDR with ...

138/365 Home Made

Home Made.. 

137/365 - Steps...


136/365 The Lonely Light

Lens : Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-200, F4.6, 1/50, raw

135/365 - Your 'Self'

Shadow is the kind of reflection were you can watch your ‘self’ with out seeing the face and its features; 

The face and features that others use to judge you and familiarize with you. Its the shadow that you get familiarize with. Always loyally following you in what ever troule ...

134/365 - Lemon Juice, Lemon Juice

The lemon juice seller during the temple festival. It was a wonderful day yesterday. I am back to Trivandrum, will be back to work tomorrow and the normal work week will follow.

The week after next week we have a small festival in the temple near our place hope to get ...

133/365 - Kettu Kala (The Bulls)

Its festival season at my native. Today its the main festival at Mannalil temple arannoottimangalam, Mavelikara, Alappuza Kerala.

As part of the festival there will be procession that includes giant stuffed bulls called Kettu Kala in Malayalam.

People for the village will pull these bulls by hand and will take them to ...

132/365 Festival Season Begins

The festival season has begun in Kerala. Till April there will be celebration in most of the temples.

We went to Chettikulangara today, the famous bharani festival starts today. Its a UNESCO approved heritage festival. More details on the festival can be seen at

We participated ...

131/365 Red Orchid

A quick snap while rushing out.. 

I am going to my home at native. Its 105 Kms from here. In our rod condition it will take around 3 hrs to cover 100 Kms. its also raining.

I don’t have internet connectivity back at my home.. so its a post under rush..

130/365 - 3D Anaglyph Glasses

The 3D anaglyph glasses. You can watch youtue in 3d using these glasses. Not much effect, not bad though

129/365 - The Power Grid

The power grid, the nerve of the nation.

We have a power grid line passing near to our place. Me and junior had a morning walk today, took the SEL1855 after a long time.

We are facing a power crisis due to the lack of rain this season, we are getting power ...

128/365 The NEXt Gen

Junior with his finepix s1800. He now knows how to operate the zoom and shots from his perspective are very interesting. Shows us how these kids see us (some thing we have forgotten since we have grown up).

He mainly likes to shoot our car and has made some wonderful shots ...

127/365 Cashew

One day I will be a cashew nut….

Lens : Vivitar 70-210 F4.5-5.6 PK Mount

Camera: NEX-3, ISO-400, 1/320, f5.6, 210mm, raw

126/365 Glittering Bar

Here is the LED light I mentioned in my post yesterday. Here it finally find its place after almost two years of rest.

125/365 - Bananas

The beautiful yellow bananas our neighbour gave us. So beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking a snap.

It was a busy day today (any saturday is so) finally got some pending electrical works done our new LED light is finally hanging after two long years of rest in peace. No electrician ...

124/365 Oranges

The sweet oranges.