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182/365 Wish You a Happy Easter

Remembering the sacrifies one person has made for the goodness of mankind..

To show the way of life…

May be he is a god, may be he is a man.. who ever he may be he has shown us an example with his life…

181/365 Abandoned

An abandoned boat at Kodaikanal lake..

180/365 Junior

An attempt at high key with Junior

179/365 Ripe..

The grape yards at Kumbum, Tamilnadu is a wonderful sight. The yard was full of beautiful ripe grapes. Grapes there were very sweet and the supervisor there was very friendly and helpful.

You can buy grapes at very less cost there.

178/365 The Bull market

I was out on a ride and hence was not ale to post the daily pics for last 3 days.

We (me, Junior and Smitha) went to kodaikanal. The trip was worth the time.

We were fortunate enough to pass through Kodikuthi on Thursday itself. Its the market day and they sell ...

177/365 Towards The Light

Marching towards the light, in their short span of life they are much attracted to the light

176/365 ?

Its a very simple shot today. Made with wooden blocks used y Junior…

175/365 Bunny bank

Junior’s Bunny bank…

174/365 The Local Shopping Mall

The local shopping mall Kedaram at Trivandrum..

173/365 The Car

Junior’s battered toy car….

172/365 Brothers In Arms

Junior with his brother Akku…

171/365 Nuts n Bolts

Its some nuts and bolts today.

These pieces of metals and contributed much to the human history and its development.

170/365 Just Another Snap

Experimenting with Corel Paintshop Pro X5 trial version. Though a it slow the features are looking good.

Especially for the cost $69 compared to Photoshop’s $699+

Not as powerfull as Photoshop but worth the money.

Paintshop Pro combined with RawTherapee will be a good solution for me moving forward…

169/365 So its You

So you are superman!!!!!!

168/365 The Last One

The last one.

Lens: Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-500, 1/80, f 5.6, raw (Cropped)

167/365 The bald one

The bald one

Lens : Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-400, 1/160, f5.6, raw

166/365 The Ring...

The ring…

165/365 Abandoned

An abandoned house on the way.
No mortar is used in this house, only mud is used..

164/365 Towards The Light

A walk towards the light

163/365 Oh those Exams...

Its exam time for Junior, its an year since I have seen him with his text books.

In his age nothing serious about exams… ;)

162/365 Food In Kerala - Idli

Idli, the steamed rice cake is one of the most popular main breakfast item in South India. Made from a fremented batter mixture of rice and black gram. Idli is made by steaming the batter in the shown vessel put inside a container with lid, which contains boiling water.

Idli is ...

161/365 Glimpse Of Kerala

Flowers by the side of the road…..

160/365 Glimpse Of Kerala

It rained today, almost entire day and helped bring down the heat. Yesterday and all it was around 32-35C.

The plants got the much needed shower and looked very happy for it.

My Car is also now happy, I got it checked at my local workshop and has changed the spark plug ...

159/365 PIP

View through the rear view mirror

158/365 Wild Jack Fruit

Kerala’s own wild Jack; locally called as Anjili Chakka…

157/365 Am On the Call

Junior on the call.

Shot at very low light at f2.8, ISO-1600; no flash used, RawTherapee, Gimp and Noiseware community edition did a good job of cleaning up the shot and make it look like shot at day light..

156/365 Ready To School

Ready to school

155/365 Withered...


154/365 Discussion

Playing it against the light.

This shot was also processed fully using open source tools. One good thing aout open source tools are that I have starteconcentrating more on light during the shooting time itself. Why? simple answer these tools are not as easy to use as photoshop so better get ...

153/365 Yummy...

Playing with light.

I am slowly getting in touch with Raw Therapee and Gimp.

One thing I am lacking in raw therapee is local adjustment tools like gradient brush in ACR.

May be its there, i need to study it

152/365 Orchids

Continuing my study of open source photo tools.

This shot was taken with flash on, it was attempt to learn the blown highlight handling capability of raw therapee, its impressive with lot of fine tuning controls.

I am slowly getting in touch with these tools.

I am still stuggling to get used to ...