124/365 Oranges

The sweet oranges. 

123/365 Orchids

The orchids in our garden. Focusing on the flower would have been a great task if auto focus was used. But with the focus magnification and focus peaking its a cake walk in NEX 3. Especially when wonderful manual glasses like Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7 is used.

Lens : Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-200, 1/250, f2.8, raw

122/365 Shop By The Corner

A small provisional store near our place. Typical village style, thay are a part of our life and are most convinient.

By admitting Walmart to India I don’t believe shops like these are going to get affected. May be in bigger cities the current big India retail players may get affected, not shops like these in our neigbourhood

121/365 - Bounce Flash (DIY) with NEX-3

This is shot was taken when there was absolutly no light. Yeah as usual it was powercut. Inspired by a bounce flash accessory for NEX-3/5 (the older version) I created a DIY flash bouncer user cardboard, Rubber band and Aluminium foil. Here is the result.

I used a torch light to provide light for manual focusing. The shot is at f4 using the Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8.

I never used flash because of the harsh shadow it creates, but the bounce flash is beautiful as you can see there is almost no shadow of the Junior on the wall behind. Nornally junior closes his eyes when flash fires, here no such problems..

120/365 - Flame..

Was a very busy day at work. Came home a bit late and yeah there was no power. So only managed to get a bit of this flame for today..

119/365 Silk Sarees...

Last week it was full of HDR (even though I couldn’t find much HDR friendly stuffs around the home).

Today I have made a DIY flash diffuser which can be used along with my NEX-3. The results are wonderful. I will post some of the shots in the coming days. 

I got the idea from the below link

Its worth the try. Other than that I have posted a request to to include this blog in the reader’s work roundup this month, hope they will take time to checkout the blog. I fact I got inspired by their article on Luca Rossini ans started this blog. For those who don’t know about Luca yet please Visit his page

He is my guru on how to do thge white balancing, his pictures are wonderful examples for enthusiasts like us. Keep reading…

118/365 In Camera Auto HDR

In camera HDR from NEX-3 with HDR mode auto..

117/365 The Car

HDR created from single raw file….

116/365 Manual HDR - In Camera Bracketing

The HDR manually created. But the in camera bracketing provided by NEX-3 was used. The max bracketing supported by NEX-3 is 3 shots seperated by .7 EV steps.

NEX is not a very HDR friendly system. More bracketing options which could be provided very easy through the software is not yet supported yet even in the latest model NEX-6.

This is the only complaint I have against the NEX system so far (its almost 2 years since I ma using NEX). Since I use exclusivly manual focus I have nothing much to complaint about auto focus speed ;)

All the shots posted in this blog is using manual focus.

So elow is the HDR from 3 Bracketed shots seperated by .7EV

115/365 In Camera HDR

The in camera HDR from NEX. Just boosted the contrast.

I tried with 3 ev steps. The image out of camera is not as impressive as the result from manually creating the HDRs