204/365 Next Turn

Waiting for his turn….

203/365 The Lotus

HDR made from 3 exposures at .7 EV diff.

This shot is made at Santhigiri asrhram in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

This lotus is made of white marble blocks

202/365 Colors...

Check out these photos!

201/365 The Touch

Part of the Powercut series. Junior playing with the new android tab during the powercut

200/365 Practice Vs Advice

One of the kites from the Kites festival conducted as part of Tranvancore festival at Shangumukham, Trivandrum.

The theme of the kite festival was Save Environment

One of the advice printed over the kite is save plastic, but the kite itself is made of plastic. Material easily replaced by some thing else than plastic.

Giving advice is much easy but you need strong will and drive to bring the advice to practice

199/365 Coffee

The morning coffee for Junior

198/365 Lonely Log

Lonely log

197/365 Flying High

One interesting Kite seen during kite festival at Sanghumukham beach

196/365 Theyyam

Theyyam seen at Sanghumigham each. We went there to watch Kite festival, unfortunately there were only a couple of Kites.

The kites sold by the committee was substandard. It never took flight, keep on circling on the light breeze.

The theme was save nature and dont use plastic, this was printed on the Kite that was made of PLASTIC…..

Thats how things works here in Kerala…

195/365 Happy Vishu

Advanced happy vishu to all….Vishu marks the new year based on Kolla Varsham calendar traditionally followed in Kerala. This year we celebrate vishu on 14th April.

The day begins with witnessing the Vishu kani. The fruits, vegitable, Mirror and gold arranged beautifully in a plate. Konna poovu (featured here) is one important ingredient for the Kani. It is considered auspisious to see the kani as the first thing you open our eyes on the new year.

On the downside, just like Easter and Christmas are devastating for Paultry and Cattles, Vishu is devastating for the Konna trees. The Beutiful flowers that decorated the road side will all be plucked, branches of the tree broken in the process.