Twin Effect 4/365

Junior watching his reflection on the mirror.

The snaps I took him of today morning didn’t look good while viewed in the computer screen, the focus was not good. So we planned a quick shoot with the mirror idea. Junior co-operated and here is the result. The image looked more effective in B&W.

ISO-400 (Flash Fired) f5.6 1/40


Happy Birthday Appopa.. 3/365

Today was junior’s grandpa’s birthday. Junior called his grandpa early in the morning itself to wish him happy birthday.

With we living 100 kms away from our home at native junior might be missing his both Grandpas and grandmas.

NEX-3, ISO 400, f4.5, 1/60

as usual processed from RAW


Monday Blues 2/365

Its Monday and junior is having Monday blues..

He is also having small fever. Its holiday tomorrow might have to take him to hospital if the fever continues


Junior 1/365

Thought of starting the 365 project with Junior. His name is Neeraj, we call him Kithu. He will be my theme this week.

He woke up early at 7:30 AM ;) on a Sunday morning and started posing for me. This is my pick from the lot. Hope you too like this.

 NEX-3 at ISO 200, F5.6 Speed 1/30 Sec


The Golden beauties - 29-09-12

Poori, also known as Boori, is a common breakfast main dish in south india. Made from Wheat flour Poori is normally accompanied by mashed potatos in a nice spicy thich gravy commonly known as Masala.

This fried dish which is very tastly is one of the star item in South Indian restaurants and is as popular as Dosas.

More infor on Poori


The Weight - 28-Sep-12

The steam coming out of the cooker was a beautiful sight today morning. Thought of making it the subject today. Didn’t very close fearing that the steam may introduce moisture inside the lens. The image is a cropped one.

NEX-3 at ISO 800. Full manual mode, F5.6, shutter speed 1/20

Baking 27-Sep-12

Baking the banana cake for the first time. it was a wonderful experience with the beautiful smell of banana spreading through out.

Nex-3 at ISO 800 and WB set to Daylight. Full Manual mode at f4.0 and Shutter speed 1/13.

No flash used; the light was provided by the bulb inside the oven and it added a golden hue to the overall picture.


Tasty Dosa 26-Sep-12

Thought of continuing the theme as kitchen and cooking for the trial week.

Taken this snap while cooking the famous South Indian dish Dosa. This is a type of pancake made with a mixed batter of Black Gram and Rice.

For more info on Dosa visit


The Trial - 25-Sep-12

Thought of starting off the trial run today itself.

In Kerala the unannounced power cuts are frequent since monsoon this year was bad. Thought of giving out Black&White a try while we were cooking “Appam” in the pan.

The Light source is an emergency light. ISO 800. NEX-3 High contrast B&W mode.

More information about “Appam” here

Foto Journal With Nex-3

Still doubtful whether I will start this project. I have been thinking about a 365+1 days photo journal project with my buddy, Sony Alpha NEX-3.

NEX-3 is the entry level mirrorless ILC from Sony and is one of the first in the NEX lineup (The other being NEX-5).

I am starting this blog hoping that I can kickoff the project from October 2012 onwards. Even if I will not be able to post every day, will be taking a snap every day and when ever possible post it on the same day. Otherwise I will post the snaps when ever possible. I had made a promise to take a snap every day starting from October 2012.

I would need all your support and encourgement to proceed with this project.

Keep in touch…