164/365 Towards The Light

A walk towards the light

163/365 Oh those Exams...

Its exam time for Junior, its an year since I have seen him with his text books.

In his age nothing serious about exams… ;)

162/365 Food In Kerala - Idli

Idli, the steamed rice cake is one of the most popular main breakfast item in South India. Made from a fremented batter mixture of rice and black gram. Idli is made by steaming the batter in the shown vessel put inside a container with lid, which contains boiling water.

Idli is a complete mourishment food, that contains perfect mix of protiens and carbohydrates. It is very easy to digest and is safe for infants.

One thing that always suprise me is who found that a batter of rice and black gram when mixed in a specific ratio and fermented will make this wonderful dish.

More info in idli at

161/365 Glimpse Of Kerala

Flowers by the side of the road…..

160/365 Glimpse Of Kerala

It rained today, almost entire day and helped bring down the heat. Yesterday and all it was around 32-35C.

The plants got the much needed shower and looked very happy for it.

My Car is also now happy, I got it checked at my local workshop and has changed the spark plug. He is more responsive to the throttle now..

I am happy now because it is cooler, the car is more responsive, we had visitors today and overall it was a good day…

159/365 PIP

View through the rear view mirror

158/365 Wild Jack Fruit

Kerala’s own wild Jack; locally called as Anjili Chakka…

157/365 Am On the Call

Junior on the call.

Shot at very low light at f2.8, ISO-1600; no flash used, RawTherapee, Gimp and Noiseware community edition did a good job of cleaning up the shot and make it look like shot at day light..

156/365 Ready To School

Ready to school

155/365 Withered...