154/365 Discussion

Playing it against the light.

This shot was also processed fully using open source tools. One good thing aout open source tools are that I have starteconcentrating more on light during the shooting time itself. Why? simple answer these tools are not as easy to use as photoshop so better get the shot well before hand is the est way out ;)

Imagenomics Noiseware cummunity edition was used to smooth out the sky, again this tool is very mucg worth its price, which is $0 :D

153/365 Yummy...

Playing with light.

I am slowly getting in touch with Raw Therapee and Gimp.

One thing I am lacking in raw therapee is local adjustment tools like gradient brush in ACR.

May be its there, i need to study it

152/365 Orchids

Continuing my study of open source photo tools.

This shot was taken with flash on, it was attempt to learn the blown highlight handling capability of raw therapee, its impressive with lot of fine tuning controls.

I am slowly getting in touch with these tools.

I am still stuggling to get used to Gimp, he is a bit slow on my machine.

151/365 Bicycle...

Junior’s bicycle.

Raw file processed using capture1 express trial version, noise reduction by noiseware community edition and final touch with Gimp. 

The shot was at ISO1600.

Yet another one processed with cost free s/ws

150/365 Home Away From Home

Home away from home…..

Shot at ISO3200 the raw file was processed using RawTherapee and GIMP

149/365 Trying To Go Open Source

Hey I am trying to use open source tools. This image is fully processed using Raw Therapee and GIMP.

It seems a bit difficult to start up with. Hope I can stick to it.

148/365 Roll On ...

Roll on my savior during those mild headache.

It smells wonderful (for my taste), I always had weakness for menthol. I used to sniff Axe oil and it was like addiction…

147/365 A Sunny Sunday Morning

It was a sunny morning today..

Sunday mornings are always so…

146/365 From Dark To Light....

From Dark to Light…

145/365 Folklore...

Collection of folklore of Kerala.

These books are very interesting read and an attempt by DC books to preserve these folklores…