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203/365 The Lotus

HDR made from 3 exposures at .7 EV diff.

This shot is made at Santhigiri asrhram in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

This lotus is made of white marble blocks

190/365 The Tractor

Tractor In HDR. Processed from Single raw file..

The raw files from NEX store a lot of Dynamic range. This once is from 1st Gen NEX-3 so just think whats in store for NEX-6 and 5R

181/365 Abandoned

An abandoned boat at Kodaikanal lake..

118/365 In Camera Auto HDR

In camera HDR from NEX-3 with HDR mode auto..

117/365 The Car

HDR created from single raw file….

116/365 Manual HDR - In Camera Bracketing

The HDR manually created. But the in camera bracketing provided by NEX-3 was used. The max bracketing supported by NEX-3 is 3 shots seperated by .7 EV steps.

NEX is not a very HDR friendly system. More bracketing options which could be provided very easy through the software ...

115/365 In Camera HDR

The in camera HDR from NEX. Just boosted the contrast.

I tried with 3 ev steps. The image out of camera is not as impressive as the result from manually creating the HDRs

113/365 HDR Rays

This week mostly the theme will be HDR. This is one branch I have least exploited. The challenge is to find subjects that looks interesting in HDR.

46/365 Aging

The rusting pier at the Valiyathura. This is one of the amazing place in trivandrum but un fortunately not at all maintained.

Lens : SEL 1855 F3.5-5.6

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-400, 1/40, F/8, 25mm, raw (HDR processed)