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201/365 The Touch

Part of the Powercut series. Junior playing with the new android tab during the powercut

193/365 - Junior - The Chef

Junior in action at kitchen..

180/365 Junior

An attempt at high key with Junior

175/365 Bunny bank

Junior’s Bunny bank…

172/365 Brothers In Arms

Junior with his brother Akku…

163/365 Oh those Exams...

Its exam time for Junior, its an year since I have seen him with his text books.

In his age nothing serious about exams… ;)

157/365 Am On the Call

Junior on the call.

Shot at very low light at f2.8, ISO-1600; no flash used, RawTherapee, Gimp and Noiseware community edition did a good job of cleaning up the shot and make it look like shot at day light..

142/365 Junior

Its the Junior today…

110/365 Howzzaaaatttt.....

Junior playing cricket with his friends. This week he was playing and other games with his friends. The good thing was that he watches TV lesser these days, since he is mostly engaged in sports…

Lens : Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-1600, F/4, 1/100, raw

93/365 Junior

Starting off the year with the new lens (not used so far) the heavy Minolta MC Rokkor 50mm F1.4, the classic lens.

I was not much using this lens due to the facts that 

1. Its very heavy

2. It has no aperture blade (Yes always wide open at 1.4 ;)  ...

Under My Own Shades 5/365

Junior standing by his own picture. I liked the touch of shadow casted by the overhead light.

Junior loves swimming pools….

 ISO 400 f4 1/15 RAW