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177/365 Towards The Light

Marching towards the light, in their short span of life they are much attracted to the light

153/365 Yummy...

Playing with light.

I am slowly getting in touch with Raw Therapee and Gimp.

One thing I am lacking in raw therapee is local adjustment tools like gradient brush in ACR.

May be its there, i need to study it

146/365 From Dark To Light....

From Dark to Light…

141/365 The Dark

I am having a slight attack of flu for the last couple of days, its now strengthening its grip.

I might have to start taking medicine, so the shot today reflect my mood which is a bit dark..

113/365 HDR Rays

This week mostly the theme will be HDR. This is one branch I have least exploited. The challenge is to find subjects that looks interesting in HDR.