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80/365 The Jack Fruit

The Jack fruit, This shot was my first attempt using the Vivitar 70-210mm Zoom lens.

The lens is acceptably sharp and has controlled CA (its there)

Lens : Vivitar 70-210mm F4.5-5.6 (PK Mount)

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-800, 1/250, F/8, raw

79/365 The Book Shelf

Its the book shelf today. For the first time tried the raw sharpener from ACR. Feels like a bit over sharpened when the image size was reduced.

76/365 - Euphorbia Milli

Yet another uphorbia milli shot

75/365 The Offering

The shot for the day…

70/365 Fireworks

Fireworks at the church…


69/365 Red Over Green, Green over Red

We had a idle Saturday, did a bit of shopping for grocieres. Brought fish today.

Most important event of the day was my first attempt to make red wine. I wished to document the process but my hand was so messed up with grape crush that I feared of sabotaging ...

64/365 Fort Kochi

Another view of Chinese Fishing Net at Fort Kochi. This shot is a vertical panorama (handheld) created from 4 shots.

The exposure and focus controls were set to manual mode to ensure same exposure accross the shots.

Panorama is created from JPEG files

Lens: SEL1855 (kit lens)

Camera : NEX-3 ...

46/365 Aging

The rusting pier at the Valiyathura. This is one of the amazing place in trivandrum but un fortunately not at all maintained.

Lens : SEL 1855 F3.5-5.6

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-400, 1/40, F/8, 25mm, raw (HDR processed)