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213/365 Fiery

A rain is most welcomed during the summer. The sky was absolutely on fire yesterday evening. Fortunately I had the NEX with me ready for the shot.

212/365 Paused..


211/365 The Broken Line

There are certain lines that you should not cross and there are certain lines that you can.

Its your judjment that matters the most, regarding when to cross and when not to

210/365 The Road

Begining street series with the road. Split into two by the white lane, the road represents the flow of life on both sides.

209/365 Rangootan

Ending up my earth day (week) series with this Rangootan shot.

Not know whether this fruit will ripe this time. Ants are attacking it like any thing, they are consuming it as it is.

It might help if it rains, the summer this year is very hot around here. The noon time ...

208/365 Protected...

Protected by leaves, nurtured by water…

207/365 Mickey Mangoes


Does the shape looks similar to Mickey mouse or some elephant charector?

206/365 Spikes..


205/365 Connected

It was earth day yesterday, the earth is getting hotter by years. Without the greenery and plants around us we will not survive…

204/365 Next Turn

Waiting for his turn….

203/365 The Lotus

HDR made from 3 exposures at .7 EV diff.

This shot is made at Santhigiri asrhram in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

This lotus is made of white marble blocks

200/365 Practice Vs Advice

One of the kites from the Kites festival conducted as part of Tranvancore festival at Shangumukham, Trivandrum.

The theme of the kite festival was Save Environment

One of the advice printed over the kite is save plastic, but the kite itself is made of plastic. Material easily replaced by some thing ...

199/365 Coffee

The morning coffee for Junior

198/365 Lonely Log

Lonely log

197/365 Flying High

One interesting Kite seen during kite festival at Sanghumukham beach