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176/365 ?

Its a very simple shot today. Made with wooden blocks used y Junior…

175/365 Bunny bank

Junior’s Bunny bank…

174/365 The Local Shopping Mall

The local shopping mall Kedaram at Trivandrum..

173/365 The Car

Junior’s battered toy car….

172/365 Brothers In Arms

Junior with his brother Akku…

171/365 Nuts n Bolts

Its some nuts and bolts today.

These pieces of metals and contributed much to the human history and its development.

169/365 So its You

So you are superman!!!!!!

168/365 The Last One

The last one.

Lens: Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-500, 1/80, f 5.6, raw (Cropped)

167/365 The bald one

The bald one

Lens : Minolta MD W.Rokkor 35mm F2.8

Camera : NEX-3, ISO-400, 1/160, f5.6, raw

166/365 The Ring...

The ring…

163/365 Oh those Exams...

Its exam time for Junior, its an year since I have seen him with his text books.

In his age nothing serious about exams… ;)

159/365 PIP

View through the rear view mirror

158/365 Wild Jack Fruit

Kerala’s own wild Jack; locally called as Anjili Chakka…

157/365 Am On the Call

Junior on the call.

Shot at very low light at f2.8, ISO-1600; no flash used, RawTherapee, Gimp and Noiseware community edition did a good job of cleaning up the shot and make it look like shot at day light..

155/365 Withered...